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Marketing with Custom Koozies Simple yet Effective

When speaking of a party koozies work wonders for drinks that should be kept cold to get the best taste, especially beer and soda. But ever thought of how effective it can be in promoting your newly launched business? Drinks form an inseparable part of any high end party. To accompany those nothing can beat koozies not only as the temperature setter but also as a promotional product. Custom beer koozies bearing logos of particular organization, product or business forms great marketing strategy. Marketing with promotional products are fun while the invited enjoy the drink while getting to know about a newly launched business. What is best about them is they can be used for preservation of drinks and every time they are used they would carry the logo of the concerned company wherever they go and whenever they go.

Shapes/ Types of can coolers
The koozies come mainly in three allotted shapes. They are as follows:
•    Collapsible works as can holders. Made out of foam as dense as 1/8” its exterior is made out of cloth. Logos can be printed one side. Price for each koozy being as low as $2.99 each for fifteen items, the price goes inversely proportional to the quantity.
•    Foam koozies form the most versatile holders that not only holds can but also bottle. Its price even lesser than that of collapsible koozies, it provides both side imprints. Prices starting at $1.69 per can become $0.69 for each for thousand items and above.
•    Bottle koozies are meant for bottles alone. These are useful especially for trekking as they come with snapbacks and can be attached to the bag packs. Price of these items ranges from $2.99 per item for hundreds of them to $2.20 per item for five hundreds of them.

Where to get them
When searching for the best custom beer koozies  we got ours from  www.customkoozy.com. They offer koozies of wide variety and colors keeping in mind their promotional usefulness. So visit the site today and make the most of marketing with custom koozies.


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